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Content Generation
Computer Vision
  • Generate text using several keywords
  • Identifying the new topic
  • Deployed solution on AWS
Interactive Video Platform
Computer Vision
  • Interactive Video management tool using Ai tool.
  • Converts any video content into clickable interactive trees
  • Focused on a more personalized and engaging user-driven journey
Background Removal for Mobile Application
Computer Vision
  • The Neural Network analyzes the image texture and color
  • Recognize the object from the image.
  • Segment the object from the image


Generating Karyotype from Chromosome
Computer Vision
  • Identification of all the pairs of Chromosome from Microscope Images.
  • Finding abnormalities using karyotyping to identify Syndrome.
  • API and AWS deployment.
Resume Parser
Computer Vision
  • Analyse resume or CV data
  • Extract it into machine-readable output such as XML and JSON.
  • Converts an unstructured form of resume data into a structured format
Digitalization of Floor Plan
Computer Vision
  • Measure the wall, Interior, exterior
  • Identify rooms with furniture so that it can be regenerated and developed for the editable file
  • Generating DWJ file to allow users to edit.
Dialog Flow Chatbot (HR)
  • Dialogflow Chatbot Help with HR operations
  • Handling incoming queries from the candidate
  • Stimulates human dialogue with candidates and employees in order to automate comprehensive functions
Twiter Sentiment Analysis
  • Identify and extract object features that have been commented on by an opinion holder
  • Determining whether the opinions on features are negative, positive, or neutral
Blenderbot Chatbot (Friendship bot for fun)
  • Chatbot learns user interests, friends, and habits over time and claims to offer emotional support.
  • Chatbot is also designed to pick up linguistic syntax and slangs unique to close friends.
  • A user can name his/her ‘friend’ and also decide the way he/she would look by customizing the virtual avatar for the bot.
Mobile Application For Antigen Testing Viral Load
Computer Vision
  • Identify the Covid strip from the frame of pictures.
  • Detect the location of covid results in different types of strips
  • Accurately detecting if the person is covid positive or negative
Rasa Automated Chatbot for Automobile Industry
  • Automate Sales inquiries and boost conversion
  • Automate Tech Support and create Happy customers
  • Can handle things like the user changing their mind handling context, and even unexpected queries.
Yoga Pose Detection Mobile Application
Computer Vision
  • Detect human figures in images and video, Compare exercise with trainer’s posture.
  • Implement a Pose recognition solution to recognize a person’s action.
  • Identifying, locating, and tracking the number of key points on a given person.
  • Deploy solution on AWS
Lung Cancer Nodule Detection & Classification from MRI
Computer Vision
  • Identification of Lung from MRI DICOM images
  • Train the model which Identifies Lung nodules.
  • Our classifier model identifies if the nodule is malignant or benign.
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