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In order to counteract COVID-19, the travel industry uses a potent mix of AI and cloud technologies, which is what Coronatest.co offers as a single solution. They supply COVID-19 test kits to airlines together with a safe, AI-driven result management solution. Consider the following scenario: once passengers complete tests, AI models trained to distinguish between various manufacturers and accurately identify outcomes examine the distinctive test strips. The safe reseller dashboard that receives this data provides airlines with efficiency, clarity, and insight on the health of their passengers. Through the use of AI, Coronatest.co creates a new benchmark for easy and secure travel in the COVID-19 age.

About Projects

Coronatest.co provides covid kits to airlines to test for Covid-19 in the passengers. They wanted to create a system where authentic tests with result proofs were stored in a secure cloud. Now, the company wanted to create a reseller dashboard so that they can sell services for tests using Al.




Python, Tensorflow, MongoDB


Google cloud


Design, Development & Deployment


Our Objective

Coronatest.co aims to revolutionise air travel safety by providing airlines with secure and accurate COVID-19 testing solutions. They achieve this through two key objectives:

  1. Secure and accurate test analysis: Their AI-powered system analyses diverse COVID-19 test strips from various manufacturers with industry-leading accuracy. This ensures reliable results and empowers airlines to confidently manage passenger health risks.
  2. Streamlined workflow and insights: Coronatest.co offers a user-friendly reseller dashboard on Google Cloud. This dashboard integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, allowing airlines to manage orders, access results, and gain valuable insights into sales trends and test distribution, maximising efficiency and scalability.

Our Solutions

  • Comprehensive Solution: The Corona Test UK employs a range of machine learning models to cover various aspects of COVID-19 detection, including identification of test strips, precise result localization, and accurate determination of infection status.
  • Advanced Technology Integration: Our platform integrates cutting-edge technologies to create a robust system, aiding in the effective management and containment of the virus, while allowing for timely interventions to safeguard public health.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Prioritising user-friendliness, our system ensures that both individuals and healthcare professionals can easily interpret and utilise test results, facilitating informed decision-making in the fight against COVID-19.
  • Accessibility: The Corona Test UK emphasises accessibility, aiming to make the platform readily available to a wide audience. This ensures widespread usage and contributes to the broader efforts in controlling the spread of the virus.
  • Timely Interventions: With a focus on accurate and swift results, our platform enables timely interventions, allowing for prompt actions to be taken in response to positive COVID-19 cases, thereby contributing to public health safety.


  • Consistent Sensitivity Across Strip Batches: Ensure uniform sensitivity levels in test strips across different manufacturing batches.
  • User Variability in Testing Techniques: Address variations in testing techniques among users, which can affect result consistency.
  • Compatibility with Diverse Operating Systems: Ensure seamless integration and optimal performance across various operating systems for the testing application.

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