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the Resume Builder, a specialized system designed for medical professionals. With a sophisticated high-end backend housing extensive customer records, this platform enables seamless data management directly from the backend. It revolutionizes resume creation, allowing medical professionals to curate dynamic, up-to-date resumes effortlessly. Our commitment to efficiency and precision in the healthcare industry is showcased through this innovative tool, offering a tailored solution for professionals to showcase their expertise with ease. The Resume Builder sets a new standard, providing a secure, streamlined, and professional approach to resume management for medical practitioners.


About Projects

Resume builder, A unique system that is specifically created and managed for Medical professionals with a high-end backend with lots of customer records which will allow users to manage that essential data input from the backend. NLP-based Resume Parser system which will parse the data from all the sections and feed the data to the relevant segment to manage its location.  Al and NLP Based Job match Score, Match the job description with your generated Resume and generate the best match score for your resume.




Angular , Python, Tensorflow, BERT, Spacy, Laravel, MongoDB




Problem Statement

The challenge in the healthcare industry lies in the absence of tailored resume-building tools for medical professionals. Current systems lack specialized features and high-end backends, leading to inefficient data management. Medical practitioners face difficulty curating comprehensive resumes, hindering their ability to showcase expertise.

Our Solutions

  • Intuitive User Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire resume and cover letter drafting process.
  • tailored for Efficiency: Craft customized resumes effortlessly, addressing the specific needs of the PA profession.
  • Gatekeeper Bypass: Increase the likelihood of passing resume screenings with a thorough check against job descriptions.


  • Data Integration Complexity: Managing seamless uploads, updates, and reformatting while avoiding data duplication demands intricate data integration solutions.
  • Skill Set Diversity: Integrating a wide array of hard skill options demands careful curation to cover the diverse medical specialties of Physician Assistants.
  • Customization Scaling: Adapting the platform for efficiently handling diverse resume customizations across various job applications poses scalability challenges.
  • Real-time Verification: Developing mechanisms for real-time resume verification against job descriptions necessitates sophisticated backend capabilities.

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