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Rain Forecast

Our modern dino science platform was meticulously crafted with the needs of Singaporean fishing companies in mind. Leveraging AWS Sagetmaker’s enhanced features, our system facilitates the seamless development of intricate rain forecasting models and expedites the training process. By accurately predicting tomorrow’s rainfall in specific regions, transportation businesses can optimise their operations, mitigate losses, and enhance decision-making processes. Furthermore, our system provides early insights through precise forecasting, enhancing resilience and efficacy in the wake of unpredictable weather conditions. With its robust capabilities and tailored solutions, our platform empowers industries to navigate weather-related challenges with confidence and precision.

The platform’s innovative approach not just helps Singaporean transportation and fishing enterprises, but it also improves broad robustness in dealing with weather-related issues. It gives customers the ability to quickly and confidently adjust to changing weather conditions and their impact by utilising cutting-edge technology and custom solutions.


About Projects

It is a cutting-edge dino science platform specifically designed for fishing companies based in Singapore. leverages AWS Sagetvaker to provide training and sasy deployment of a ren forecasting model By accurately predicting whether it will rain tomorrow in specific regions, it helps hahing companies optimae their operations, minimize losses, and improve decision-making




Python, AWS, SageMaker, Pondas, NumPy Soit-learn, AWS S3, AWS EC2


The it platform is hosted on AWS EC2 instances, ensuring high availability and scalability. AWS S3 serves as the storage solution for historical weather data, which is regularly updated to maintain the accuracy of the rain forecasting model. The entire infrastructure is managed using AWS services, enabling efficient data processing, model training, and real-time predictions.


Problem Statement

  • The fishing industry in Singapore relies on accurate weather forecasts to plan successful trips, yet existing services lack specificity and accuracy, leading to financial losses during rainy weather.
  • To address this, a tailored rain forecast project is crucial as current weather services fall short in providing region-specific predictions for Singapore’s fishing industry.
  • By leveraging advanced meteorological models and local data, this project aims to provide precise, region-specific forecasts for Singapore’s coastal areas, catering to the unique needs of the fishing industry.
  • Collaborating with experts from meteorology, data science, and the fishing sector, the project seeks to empower fishing companies with actionable insights derived from accurate forecasts.
  • Through this collaboration, the project aims to mitigate financial losses and operational disruptions caused by unpredictable weather conditions, fostering resilience within the fishing industry.

Our Solutions

  • Development of a data science model for rain forecasting using AWS SageMaker: This involves creating a predictive model tailored to Singapore’s weather patterns and regional nuances.
  • Utilisation of past weather information and regional characteristics for Singapore: The model incorporates historical weather data and specific geographical features of Singapore to enhance forecast accuracy.
  • Integration of machine learning algorithms for more accurate forecasts: Machine learning algorithms are integrated into the model to continuously improve forecast precision based on evolving data patterns.
  • Facilitation of well-informed decisions for fishing enterprises: Fishing firms benefit from the model’s accurate forecasts, enabling them to plan their operations more effectively and mitigate risks.
  • Improvement in forecasting precision through machine learning algorithms: The use of machine learning algorithms enhances the model’s ability to predict rainfall in Singapore, aiding fishing enterprises in making proactive decisions.


The main challenges in the it project revolve around achieving accurate rain forecasting for fishing companies in Singapore. These challenges include:

Data Quality and Availability: Ensuring the availability of reliable and up-to-date weather data for training the forecasting model.

Region-Specific Predictions: Developing a model that can provide accurate rain forecasts at a regional level, catering to the specific fishing locations in Singapore.

Real-Time Processing: Implementing a system that can process large volumes of data quickly and deliver real-time rain predictions to fishing compnies.

Feature Engineering: Identifying and incorporating relevant features from the historical weather data to enhance the accuracy of the rain forecasting model.

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