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Homeez is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the renovation experience by seamlessly connecting homeowners directly with a curated network of suppliers throughout every stage of their home transformation journey. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Homeez provides an end-to-end digitalized solution that begins with innovative spatial planning tools like Design Now and extends to the meticulous management of the entire renovation process through our distinctive Time Schedule tool.

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Homeez is a platform that connects homeowners directly to suppliers in their entire renovation process. Homeez uses the latest tech- nology to offer an end-to-end digitalized solution – beginning from spatial planning using DIY tools like Design Now, all the way to managing the process using our unique Time Schedule tool.


Real Estate & Construction


AWS lambda, AWS ec2, AWS $3


Python, Keras/Tensorflow, OpenCV

Key Feature :


Problem Statement

In the realm of home renovation, the existing process is often marked by inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and a disconnect between homeowners and suppliers. Homeowners struggle with visualizing their ideas, connecting with reliable suppliers, and managing the complexities of the renovation timeline. Suppliers, on the other hand, face challenges in reaching their target audience and navigating a fragmented industry.

Our Solutions

Homeez introduces an innovative platform featuring an AI engine capable of automatically generating digital floorplans. With this technology, homeowners can effortlessly visualize their renovation ideas using tools like Design Now. Our scalable architecture efficiently processes multiple requests simultaneously, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience.

In response to the challenges faced by homeowners in conceptualizing their renovation visions, we’ve integrated an AI engine to automate the creation of digital floorplans. The user-friendly Design Now tool empowers homeowners to effortlessly visualize their ideas, enhancing the overall design process. Additionally, our scalable architecture enables the simultaneous processing of multiple requests, optimizing efficiency and responsiveness.

As a transformative force in home renovation, Homeez leverages cutting-edge technology to introduce an AI engine capable of automatically generating digital floorplans. The user-friendly Design Now tool simplifies the design process, allowing homeowners to visualize their ideas effortlessly. Our scalable architecture ensures the simultaneous processing of multiple requests, delivering a seamless and responsive platform experience.



Algorithm Refinement:

  • Fine-tuning the AI engine for accurate and intuitive floorplan generation poses a challenge, requiring continuous refinement and optimization.

Scalability Complexity:

  • Building a scalable architecture to handle multiple requests concurrently necessitates careful planning to ensure optimal performance and responsiveness.

User Adoption:

  • Encouraging homeowners to adopt and embrace the AI-driven platform may pose challenges, requiring effective marketing and user education strategies.

Feedback Integration:

  • Developing mechanisms to collect and integrate user feedback for continuous improvement of the AI engine, Design Now tool, and overall platform.

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